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Gallifrey One conreport.

So... We invaded LA. With a whole bunch of other Who fans. In 48 hours, we drove 12 (covering 628 miles, round trip) And stuffed a week worth of Convention Awesome into 16 hours of HOLY SHIT THAT WAS FUN. (its a 3 day con, but we managed to somehow make it feel like a week.. wtf)


Drove to LA. Best route for us is down the 5. Dullest route in the universe, is down the 5. Luckily at 12am, you can consume roadway at near 80mph and be considered "slow" You could practically rope off the wheel and nap an hour, 5 is as close to a straight line as I've seen since most of 70 in Kansas. We saw this pair of brake lights way, way, way the fuck off in the distance. Turns out, it was a clear night and that was us.

Valentine went with both her nearly-too-small Eleven costume, and her Slightly Too Big Five costume.

Here she is with another Five cosplayer, he was a nice guy.

Val also got to meet K9

(And also K9's voice actor, (John Leeson) a /very/ wonderful guy. He was chatting to her in K9's voice, and she perked up and was squealing. All in all, he was a /very/ nice guy.)

She also met another K9

We /BARELY/ got the chance to meet the wonderful Peter Davison. Only by sheer luck and karma did we get even the remote chance. He was about to leave, saw us in line and said "I can wait for them, its a Mini Me."
Wonderful guy. Unlike what you'd expect of famous folk, he was a genuinely groovy guy.)
(Loran? can I have my internet now? *grin*)

Lets see...
Saved the world from a Dalek. (You can't tell well in this picture, but the dalek is about 4-6" off the ground, a glowing blue from its undercarrage making it look like it is hovering. This one is remote controlled and played audio clips)

But not quite as awesome as;

The ONE time I had just my cellphone on me, THIS epic picture happened. The Dalek rolled up to her and said "DOCTOR DETECTED!" (This one had a guy inside who could steer it and move evrything. The guy inside had a ring modulator inside to do the Dalek voice, so he could Ad-Lib.)

The crowd parted, backing away, Candy stepped back a few feet. Val stood there, staring UP at this huge thing. (when you are two feet tall, a nearly six foot tall dalek is GIGANTIC). She had this look of utter "oh fuck." on her face. "Wait.. I know this one... I'm supposed to defeat /THAT/ ??" The Dalek said "I WILL BE BACK TO EXTERMINATE YOU IN TWENTY YEARS" and rolled off.

Later on, Val helped an Amy;
She actually was about to bite Amy's hand... nobody but us were "Well, YES she will, she's a baby, she tries to nibble everything." (the girl was playing the part rather well, for pictures she was doing the "something in my eye." bit.)

The costume repair area had humor as well;
The Sewing Machine of Rassilon.

The only Ood Sigma. She was a real nice lady, her and her husband chatted with us much later on. The whole thing is hand made.

A Tiki Dalek. The "Sensor Bumps" are coconut shells. The gun is a citronella torch, the plunger is holding a... typical beach drink. was -quite- original. Piloted by a guy inside it.

The singular Cyberman.

A pair of Pond, a Drunk Doctor, and matching Drunk Jack Harkness (well, two)

One of the better Ten guys.

One, and Eleven. One of the FEW "early" doctors. A great guy too.

Oh so many comments. Was a /great/ costume too.

One of the /better/ Amy Ponds. She apparently had /13/ different Amy Pond costumes, including a "Frozen Amy" from "Amy's Choice". (That I never got to see)

Got to also meet Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) A great guy, had a good chat with. He was a Who fan before he got the role (at 18, the youngest male companion, ever.) And still enjoys it. Written a few books, of which I picked up "Boy in the Blue Box" which he graciously signed for me.

Also, met Winston Churchill (Ian McNeice) An absolutely wonderful man. He practically exhudes this british grandfather air about him. Was genuinely interested in Valentine, what we did, where we were from. Talked about anything we wanted. Shook hands, was the most amazing guy. Ran into him later in the lobby, he waved at us and all. (He was also Baron V. Harkonnen in the dune remake! omg! I resisted fanboying but barely)

In Non-Who meets, I got to meet Wendy Pini of Elfquest fame. A neat thing for me. Elfquest was /my/ first graphic novel, and the first time I'd seen any violent characters... before Elfquest, I was a "disney comics" or "archie comics" kid. She was quite wonderful. And also Boba Fett (Daniel Logan, the kid one) He was quite cool to chat with, but looked out of place at a Who con.

Didn't pick up souvenirs like I thought I would. To be honest, most of the trinkets were $$$$ when I was willing at most for $$ if that makes sense. T-shirts for $40? Nah, I'll pass. Especially since half of the ones the booth had left were "Big Bang Theory" and to be honest, I'm not a fan of the show.

Ian and Matthew were the two I saw outside of their tables. Matthew recognized me and saw me notice him. He had this sort of "Please don't fanboy..." kind of eye reaction to me. Makes sense in a way really. "Nice to meet you again, have a good night." and I was past him, hadn't broken stride. Celebs are people too, and I'd bet a long day of Being A Fan Target, the last thing he may have wanted to do was nerd up. Ian was with someone, but recognized Val and us, and we had another good chat. I think in a way, perhaps they /like/ being treated like Real Folk. Heck, he was the type of gentleman, that I would have /loved/ to just... sat and listened to his stories. He had this air of "pull up a chair and lend me your ear." to him.

All in all, a /great/ con. A few more things to mention, but not until later this week. Just keep your eyes on the Craig Ferguson show... More after that. *grin*


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Feb. 21st, 2011 11:09 am (UTC)
Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a great family outing. ♥
Feb. 21st, 2011 12:48 pm (UTC)
Val vs. Dalek is an EPIC picture! :D
Feb. 21st, 2011 01:34 pm (UTC)
Awwww how cute!! Looks like a ton of fun, I'm glad you guys got to go! :D
Feb. 21st, 2011 02:48 pm (UTC)
As I promised :)

Feb. 21st, 2011 03:28 pm (UTC)

Elfquest <3
Feb. 21st, 2011 05:36 pm (UTC)
How utterly wonderful. All of it.
Feb. 21st, 2011 06:21 pm (UTC)
A family of nerds in their natural habitat. ^_^
Feb. 21st, 2011 09:06 pm (UTC)
That is really cool! I even know the guy inside the TIKI Dalek!
Feb. 21st, 2011 10:34 pm (UTC)
The official onomatopoeia is "VWORP VWORP VWORP" =D
Feb. 22nd, 2011 03:44 am (UTC)
This whole entry made me smile from ear to ear.
Feb. 22nd, 2011 10:27 pm (UTC)
Goooooood these make me so jealous!! I need to go to this next time it comes around...

I'd probably pass out from sheer glee x.x
Feb. 25th, 2011 05:03 am (UTC)
This whole post rules. Utterly. ^_________^
Feb. 25th, 2011 04:24 pm (UTC)
That was you guys? Oh, I LOVE the baby 5 and 11 outfits!!! I was there for the "I'll be back in 20 years to exterminate you." comment. That was the kind of EPIC moment I live for at these conventions.

So glad Peter got to see the "Mini Me" frigging adorable, his comment and reaction. He is a sweetheart. I worked the Green Room and he is just a gracious off stage as he is on. Had a lovely chat with him and his handler the last day...OMG, we are so lucky as a collective fandom to have someone of his grace and presence with us!

Heh, veered off topic there, didn't I? You photos are great...I was telling someone the other day we didn't get the best pics of "baby 11" and I am so glad you posted these. Thank you!
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